Star of Light


TITLE: Star of Light

AUTHOR: Patricia St. John

AUDIENCE: 7+; those who like adventure and thrilling stories

As with Tanglewood SecretsStar of Light is a book that leads the reader to know the effect of Jesus Christ in the world today. The book takes place in a impoverished Muslim part of the world where life is difficult and there is much abuse and neglect. This part of the settings might make this book difficult for young readers to enjoy, but for older readers who like adventure, this is perhaps the most thrilling of St. John’s books.

Although the setting is harsh and very realistic, it also allows for a tremendous contrasting light that the central Christian figure provides. Seeing Christ work in such drastic conditions will make any reader want to join the ranks of those who make it their life’s work helping the poor.

There are the typical themes of evil and redemption, and a plain Gospel message that is clear throughout the book, but there are also themes of family, courage, forgiveness, and cautions against selfishness, carelessness, and disobedience.


Chris Saenz
Chris Saenz is the founder of Post-Christian Era. He has a Master's Degree in Biblical Studies and more than a decade of church work in teaching, worship, and discipleship across many church settings and denominations. He and his wife and three children live in the Los Angeles area (Covina, CA).