Saved By Hip-Hop: “Worthy”, by Beautiful Eulogy

The series “Saved By Hip-Hop” studies the value of a genre of music that is artistically, theologically, and spiritually rich to strengthen the Christian faith.

I’ve been meaning to write on my appreciation and support for Christian hip-hop. Although I’m no expert on the genre, I know what I like and I know why I like it and the Christian hip-hop that I have been exposed to is an amazing artform to accompany the Christian journey.

I’ll  start with a group I just recently started listening to: Beautiful Eulogy

Beutiful Eulogy – Braille, Odd Thomas, and producer Courtland Urbano

The album “Worthy” is worthy of your attention. The tracks are spiritual, authentic, poignant, and rich. The music moves you to reflect on the Lord’s majesty, His plan for His people, and the realities of life. The rhymes force our eyes to gaze upward and embrace the family of God as we trust in the promises of God.

The song Worthy is the culmination of revering God in awe with a heart toward humanity. The track titled If puts our faith to the test and Messiah causes us to reflect on the roots of our desires in light of our relationship with Christ.

But the song titled Worthy brings it all together. We are instantly told that worship is “more than a genre of music, worship is a heart change”. The music may be of a certain style, but its really just noise if our hearts aren’t compelled to commit to Christ’s kingdom and serve the King. We embrace each other in our acts of worship, because “Your people are my people, no matter where they come from”

We look toward the victorious climax of our fate in Jesus. It is in the New Creation that we are “gathered in His name” and where “It will be obvious that He’s the one that’s worthy of all fame”

In this act of worship, the one who is Worthy of praise is contrasted with the ones doing the praising. Humility is the only  attitude appropriate for approaching the throne of God:

I am the least deserving made worthy to touch His feet

The serpent that did nothing to earn a seat at the wedding feast

And my favorite line:

You make footstools of fools and galaxies your rings

When we approach God in humility we cannot help but exalt him. In the last lines of the song Worthy, our hearts and minds are transported to the presence of God after the second coming. In the event where every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is lord. Where all of humanity across all ages and places will come to the horrific and glorious realization that the Lord reigns over all creation, persons, and forces. All hearts and souls, nature and man’s inventions, angels and demons, heaven and hell, life and death are under God’s dominion. Thus, we arrive at the beatific vision where we are in the presence of the Holy One:

Worthy is the Lamb, worthy is the Son of Man

Worthy is the One who takes the scrolls from His holy hand

Where angels and elders and living creatures all fall

And worship the highest King, the most worthy of all

Christian worship is an offering to our King, yet, like all offerings, we can receive in the giving. We are given a glimpse of the Eternal and Unapproachable Light.

Chris Saenz
Chris Saenz is the founder of Post-Christian Era. He has a Master's Degree in Biblical Studies and more than a decade of church work in teaching, worship, and discipleship across many church settings and denominations. He and his wife and three children live in the Los Angeles area (Covina, CA).